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Whole Earth Healing

Healing the Planet One


The Mirror of the Self

Dreams are the means for our subconscious to communicate to us important messages about our lives, especially relating to core issues that may be impeding our growth, our progress or our relationships. I find working with Dreams to be a fascinating way to access a client's inner landscape, and probe deeper into areas not accessible through rational or conscious discussion. 

In processing dreams one offers up clues and valuable insights into their own fears and vulnerabilities. We cannot keep our fears hidden in our dreams as we can in waking life. We can find ourselves completely ensconsed in fearful situations and yet we survive to tell the dream. Perhaps our dreams are telling us that fear is just an illusion, gently prodding us to look more closely at hidden issues that may be sabatoging our lives, or gettng in the way of us achieving our llife's purpose.

Working closely with a trusted professional whom you feel comfortable with and confident about, can yeild amazing results in terms of insight and incredible "aha" moments. I am consistently amazed by the richness and depth of my clients' dreams and subsequent realizations. And I have been heartened by how they can reshape their lives and their ways of being through having a true and conscious connection with their dream life.

Having worked with Jungian and Freudian Dream Analysis as a Psychotherapist since 1997, I draw upon a deep and sound understanding of both classical psychological as well as a more transpersonal and archetypal type of dream analysis. I weave my current spiritual and esoteric beliefs into this depth of experience and understanding to create a truly grounded and comprehensive brand of Dream Work and Dream Analysis. Jungian psychology is one of the biggest tools in my Psycho-Spiritual Counseling Practice and especially for working with client's dreams. It is of utmost importance for me to assist others on their own journey's of self discovery. I look forward to helping you assess and navigate your life path by assisting you in gaining a greater understanding of your own inner clues.

Jungian Dream Interpretation

Since dreams are a way of communicating with the unconscious, Jung believed that dream images reveal something about yourself, your relationships with others, and situations in your waking life. Dreams guide your personal growth and help in achieving your full potential. Jung also believes that the dream's manifest content is just as significant and revealing as the latent content. By simply discussing what is currently going on in your life, it can help you interpret and unlock the cryptic images of your dreams. Jung's method of dream interpretation is placed more confidently on the dreamer. He believes that you all possess the necessary tools to interpret your own dreams. There is no one correct way to interpret a dream. The meaning of your dreams is a personal judgment and is up to you on how to interpret them. Dreams can be a great gift in assisting us all on our life paths. Allow me to help you find the meaning in your dream life that feels best to you, and to move forward in your waking life with this new clarity of understanding. 

Half Hour Session- $60

One Hour Session- $110

For more information about Whole Earth Healing and the services we provide, call Claudia Helmke Miller at 646-465-2486

email- [email protected]