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Whole Earth Healing

Healing the Planet One

Whole Earth Healing

CJ Miller, MA, CH, ARP

aka Claudia Helmke Miller, is a Certified Hypnotist, Master's Level Psycho-Spiritual Counselor, and powerful Reiki and Energy Healer. Claudia combines her nearly 20 years of experience, training and research in the fields of Psychology, Spirituality, Health and Healing, working with a wide variety of people to provide what some have called "an amazing transformative experience".

With a strong foundation in Psychotherapy (and a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology) Claudia is able to go deeper into people's emotional worlds, while creating a trusting bond with her clients that allows for authentic healing of the whole human being.

As a Hypnotherapist, Claudia offers an opportunity to bypass the conscious mind and work directly with the subconscious, which is the great memory holder of all experience and behaviors, both positive and negative. We are all programmed to some degree by our society, our jobs, school, our families, institutions, and the media. It is not always simple to spot this within the self, but with the help of a trusted and experienced practitioner we can allow ourselves to relax into hypnosis and bypass the censors, thus accessing the great "control panel" so to speak

It is one of Claudia's greatest desires to help humanity transcend it's limiting programming so that we may all raise our own personal vibration to a point where we can manifest anything we desire. In this sense Claudia's work is truly transformative, for it seeks to heal the individual in a deep and lasting manner, not just to quickly rid oneself of addictions or extra weight, only to have it return once the hypnosis sessions are over.

Along with Claudia's strong and varied approach to counseling and hypnosis, she has combined her work with healing touch as a Reiki Practitioner and Energy Healer. With the help of Reiki and her own brand of Energy Healing, called energy massage, Claudia is able to bring clients into an extremely relaxed and peaceful state, where truly meaningful and lasting healing can occur. In sessions she uses different modalities depending on the needs of the client as well as her strong intuition and professional opinion. 

Claudia is known for her warmth, empathy, humor, and her gentle compassion. She makes people feel at ease, comfortable and really heard. It is her dream to be of service to others, and to live as a clear example of ultimate health and abundance. She seeks to help all of her clients achieve their highest goals and realize their true potential. By removing our "blocks" to success through a combination of therapy, hypnosis and healing touch, Claudia paves the way for her clients' road to success!

Whole Earth Healing was founded in 2011 as a means of addressing the need for the Planet to heal, not just its inhabitants. As the world is moving on into the future, there is an increasing consciousness evolution occurring. As we become more aware and evolved, we cannot help but want to change the injustices that exist in the world around us. Whole Earth Healing is a dream of Claudia's that she would like to see realized in this lifetime, that we as a human race will begin together to focus healing attention not only on ourselves but also on the earth as well.

Whole Earth Healing is dedicated to healing Humanity and Planet Earth. I have a saying that goes, "Healing the planet one person at a time", because it is my belief that as we work on ourselves, we create a ripple effect that moves out into the universe. As we become more whole and clear, our world also becomes more whole, and all truths more apparent.

It has been noted by many ancient civilizations, cultures and belief systems that true health lies in the connection we have with nature, the earth, and with spirit. In our Western culture we have been trained to dissociate ourselves from nature and see everyone and everything as separate, unconnected. When in reality we are all connected by a Matrix of Energy, termed the Divine or Original Matrix. Our thoughts and feelings have an effect on everyone around us, even if we would like to believe otherwise. Thus, if you clear yourself of negative thinking and dis-ease, your own change in vibration will now have a positive effect on the Divine Matrix. Your healed Self now creates a ripple effect in the Universe that positively effects all other beings (even if you have no direct conscious relation to them). We all benefit from helping one another, and we all feel better as those around us increase their own peace and happiness. 

Claudia's focus in psychology is very much centered around Transpersonal or Spiritual Psychology, and also Eco Psychology. Eco Psychology allows for greater understanding of the human psyche through our connection to nature. Nature, like the artistic process, allows one to reconnect with what is truly real and important in life, that of creation being at the heart of life. We are all connected to this creative life force, and when we feel stuck or blocked in this process, it is often times the simple and timeless beauty of nature or animals or children, that remind us that we are all one, all beauty, all love. In Claudia's own life, nature has been a major grounding and healing force for her, and she would like to share this connection, this healing with others.

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